After 28 years as a financial planner, Ross Marino, CFP®, ChFC®, CPFA came to understand the skill that may impact someone's future more than anything else is the ability to make rational decisions. Most people can look back on their lives and identify a few key decisions, both good and bad, that greatly influenced where they are today. He experienced this personally, and witnessed it professionally.

For years, Ross' mission has been to help people make sound decisions. Watching the results of both good and bad decisions convinced him more than ever that he needed to emphasize the decision-making process. His new goal was to create a decision-making process and provide tools that could assist clients through any life transition.

So Ross began interviewing experts from different professional disciplines, including:

    • Organizational Development Executive: who helps corporations and teams with change management.
    • Life and Business Coaches: who work with individuals, mostly entrepreneurs, to make their lives more fulfilling and productive.
    • Psychologists: who help people deal with life situations.

What does each professional have in common? They help people make thoughtful, reflective decisions while guiding them through a transition in life. All of their clients are about to, are going through, or have gone through a significant change. Their clients must make important decisions, often during stressful and trying times.

Consider the death of a spouse or other loved ones, or a divorce. All are traumatic changes in life that involve loss. During these times people experience the full spectrum of emotions, including fear, insecurity, and confusion. Adding to this stress is the need to make multiple decisions, financial and otherwise, that often have implications for years.

Other transitions are exciting, including retirement, receiving a windfall, or the success of a business. Yet, even these transitions involve some type of loss, and life will change dramatically.

Challenges in life and unexpected transitions are common, but individual experiences are unique. Each life transition affects you, the people around you, and your finances. Transitus Wealth Partners™, and our proprietary, decision-making process was created to guide you and your family through these life transitions.