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Personal and Financial Guidance Through Life's Many Transitions

Clarity- Confidence - Reassurance

Life happens, whether we want it to or not. Some changes are wonderful and exciting, while others may challenge our will to live. Important decisions must be made at times when it's hard to think clearly. What should you do first?

There is no shortage of advice when life happens. People want to help, and most of the time it's with the best of intentions. Much of the advice is conflicting. Some people encourage you not to make any major decisions for at least one year. That's sounds reasonable, especially when the change is dramatic. But some decisions cannot wait. How do you prioritize? What is urgent, if anything? Which decisions can wait?

We understand the financial and emotional stress that comes with major life changes. Most transitions in life are common, such as retirement, divorce, or loss of a spouse. But everyone's experience is unique. What's best for your neighbor isn't necessarily right for you.

For example, some people look forward to retirement and all of their free time. Others are nervous, wondering what they will do all day.

Here’s how we help.

First, we’ll take as much time as needed to understand you. Where are you in life? What are you going through? Financial decisions aren't purely "financial." There is always a personal and financial side. We need to understand both.

Next, we'll help you prioritize and determine which decisions, if any, are truly urgent. Rushing important decisions is never a good idea. Together, we’ll clarify what needs to be addressed now versus later. Being thoughtful and deliberate reduces stress and anxiety and leads to reassurance.

Finally, we will to stand by you when life happens.

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