I remember back before I become a financial advisor trying to make sense of investing and the stock market....and I didn't know where to start. My company's 401k provider had a 1-800 number to call to get help, but I only seemed to be more confused after I got off the phone. Then I solicited the help of a financial advisor, only to be told what to do and not why we were doing it or what it would cost. That was my experience.

If you can relate, maybe we should talk.

My goals are simple. Figure out where you are at, what you would like to accomplish, put together a plan to help get you get there and then monitor our progress.

It is said that people fear what they don't understand. I strive to explain our plan and the investments we own in such a way that brings you confidence, in an effort to avoid the desire to abandon our plan when the "going gets tough".