Saunders Kelly & Associates Wealth Strategies of Raymond James is founded on three principles

First, we believe in knowing you beyond the numbers. While learning about assets, time lines and attitudes towards risk are essential, our initial discovery meeting goes much deeper. What's important to you about money? What are your goals, financial and otherwise? What are your most important relationships, and what causes are you passionate about? What would you consider a perfect day?

Second, we believe collaboration should be more than a buzzword. We work in close coordination with your tax, legal, insurance, and other advisors. When needed, we'll convene roundtable discussions with you and all relevant advisors in the room, which allows an expert look at all aspects of your family's situation. From there, strategies emerge to optimize wealth protection, estate planning, business succession, cash flow and tax management.

Finally, we believe the perfect firm is big enough yet small enough. Big enough to provide you with the best available resources from research, investment consulting and financial planning to investment banking and lending solutions. Yet, small enough so you will always be treated as an individual and never just a number.

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