Suydam & Conrad Wealth Management Group
of Raymond James

  • Lisa Gill

    Senior Registered Client Service Associate

I have been fortunate enough to work with the same group of wonderful people since 2004. When I started my job as an assistant to Garrett so many years ago I was excited and looking forward to what was to come. After working with him, Patti and Jason for several years I know that I work with some of the most wonderful people, and have the best job I could ask for. We have a team that is dedicated to the success of our clients, specific to what that means to each of them. I love my job and look forward to coming to work and all that it entails.

I work in the back of the office, so you won’t necessarily see me when you come by, unless I bring you some coffee! My job as an assistant centers on the many projects that need to be done throughout the year, marketing and customer service. I enjoy detail oriented work, and I get plenty of that around here.

My personal life is as busy as my work life! My husband and I have been married since 2002 and have four young children together: Alyssa, Lauren, Jonah & Luke. We are members of Trinity Baptist Church and I coordinate the young mom’s ministry there. We enjoy beach vacations and exploring our community for fun things to do on the weekends.