Our Process

Matt Schafer

The Sequoia reaches towering heights through steady growth, remaining strong enough to withstand the elements, but flexible enough to bend when necessary. Your wealth management plan should be just as resilient – designed for long-term growth and stability, yet sufficiently versatile so it can adapt to changes in the markets and in your life.

Within the framework of our practical three-step process – Listen, Plan, Achieve – we'll work together to build your plan, making adjustments where necessary and keeping you informed every step of the way. Your involvement is integral, because if you're unclear about or uncomfortable with any aspect of the plan, then it isn't right for you.

Our process begins with a conversation – we'll ask about your investing experience and learn about your expectations for returns, your comfort with risk and your current portfolio. This step sets the tone for both our partnership and your plan – by sharing your experiences and ideas, you become an active participant in the planning process, which allows us to better understand and address your needs and objectives.

Based on what we learn about you and your goals, we will conduct a thorough analysis of the current financial markets – the opportunities and the challenges. Then, we'll present you with solutions that are appropriate for your needs and that address your long-term goals. As you review your plan, we'll carefully explain the reasoning behind each part of it, answering your questions, providing clarification and making adjustments where necessary to ensure you're completely comfortable with it.

Once you're comfortable with and approve your plan, we'll implement it. Moving forward, we will carefully and consistently monitor your plan's progress to ensure that it adapts to changes in the markets and in your life. In this step, it's important for you to remain involved by keeping us up to date on personal and financial developments that may require adjustments to your plan. When changes do occur, call us directly – so we can address them and your plan can keep moving forward.

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