bill gassett
Bill Gassett Vice President, Investments

Bill’s main goal is to help his clients to obtain higher returns in the stock market utilizing blue chip stocks and a few mutual funds with emphasis on cash flows.

He has over 30 years investment experience, joining Raymond James in February of 2022. He holds an array of licenses in securities, commodities, and insurance. He is a graduate of both University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Harvard Business School with a master’s in business administration.

His civic interest and association have been with CAP/SIGNS as a co-founder, (NKA) Scenic Jacksonville, Duval School Magnet Program, Term Limits Jacksonville, and Cool It Florida (gun safety). Current and future efforts are in gun safety and Jacksonville’s city finances.

He enjoys reading, with a current private library of more than four hundred books, travelling, and weightlifting.