• Lisa Potts

    Branch Clerk

Lisa has strong ties to the St. Petersburg area.  Her professional career began when she joined the St. Petersburg office of the State Attorney soon after she became an Officer with the St. Petersburg Police Department. 

Since leaving the Police Department, she worked in the office of a land sales and management firm where she coordinated client services and real estate sales. She was recognized for her organizational skills and dedication to an outstanding customer service approach in dealing with clients of the firm.
She also work for a firm which contracted with the federal government to provide background investigations for potential federal employees. She obtained a Top Secret Federal Security Clearance to perform these duties.
Lisa also worked with a home healthcare service to provide in-home services to seniors.  She saw clearly the need of seniors in dealing with health issues, loss of family members, and protection from schemes of fraud and abuse.  Because of her law enforcement background, she was quickly able to recognize and respond to someone in need.

We are pleased to have Lisa as part of our Professional family.  Her organization, diligence, and personality make her a great fit and a tremendous resource for our clients.