Our Expertise Financial Strategists

Financial services have evolved significantly in the last 50 years, so that friends and family can no longer be viewed as the sole source of counsel on these complex and sensitive matters. Now more than ever, people are seeking wisdom and guidance for the difficult decisions they face regarding money.

The Sophia Way Wisdom and Clarity

Investing with wisdom means that your values must come first and how the money is managed, follows. We take the time to understand your concerns and priorities, your challenges and the life context of your financial decisions.

Community Impact We are Stronger Together

At Sophia we recognize that it’s not just what we do but also how we do it as a business that impacts our community. We seek to create new models of investment services delivery that have a positive impact not only to our clients but also our community.


About Sophia Financial Group

Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom. Sophia is the voice that expresses our intuitive, creative nature, sees the interconnectedness of all things and honours the sacredness of all life. She is about integrity in the marketplace and the balance of head, heart and soul.

We are financial strategists building comprehensive management plans and investment portfolios in alignment with the personal value systems of the people we serve. We deliver financial education and investment management services in a way that traditional financial institutions cannot. Sophia Financial of Raymond James Ltd. has developed a systemized process for determining our clients’ requirements within the context of their personal values. While it is systemized for efficiency, our application of this unique process is done with a level of sensitivity and a spirit of service that is not always present in larger bureaucratic institutions. Our service process is called “The Sophia Way” in light of HOW we deliver our suite of services. It is a way of sharing; a way of educating; a way of wisdom; a way of connection and collaboration; and it guides your path to financial success.

Our Services

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Risk Management & Insurance Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Small Business Planning
Counsel woven into
the fabric of real life is wisdom.~ Walter Benjamin