We deeply value the trust and confidence our clients place in us and continually work to build and maintain what have become the most fulfilling client relationships of our careers. While we have a passion for and recognized expertise in serving female investors, our skill-sets have been largely developed in the male-dominated financial services industry. Sophia Financial has the professional capacity to serve all client demographics with a level of sensitivity and personalized tailoring that we believe you will not find in traditional financial firms.

Financial Planning for Families

From purchasing your first home, expecting your first child, or looking ahead and planning your retirement, we at Sophia Financial Group are with you as you transition through the many phases of your life.

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Women Investors

Segregating women as a “special” type of investor is a two edged sword. On one hand, it can be perceived as patronizing and discriminating. It can feel condescending, superficial and may not accurately reflect the truth for an individual.

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Complex Wealth Management

At Sophia, we understand that the financial landscape is becoming increasingly complex and a higher level of expertise may be called for.

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At Sophia, we understand that every retirement scenario is unique, whether you change status from full time work to part time, or decide to pursue a hobby or business interest.

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