At Sophia, we understand that every retirement scenario is unique, whether you change status from full time work to part time, or decide to pursue a hobby or business interest. Sophia will assist you in this transition to help ensure your financial assets are working as efficiently as possible to create the life you want. Through our comprehensive financial review process, we help you analyze and evaluate your current financial situation and then make appropriate recommendations to move forward.

A unique area of expertise at Sophia is to assist in making pre-retirement decisions. We are highly skilled in evaluating severance packages and pension options to provide you with the detailed data analysis you require to make the best decisions possible. After completing a thorough analysis we will clearly and simply explain all your choices and the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

In retirement, creating income can be complex. You may be eligible for a monthly pension but not sure at what age to begin or what option to choose; or you may need to begin to withdraw from your investments but are not sure where to withdraw from first and how much to withdraw so the accounts can be sustainable for your lifetime.

We will run analytic projections to provide you with the definitive data you need to answer these questions. As you work with us, we will continue to review and monitor your financial plan to ensure your finances remain on track so you can create the life you want.