Education Overview

Education is a fundamental pillar of Sophia Financial and we are committed to delivering ongoing education regularly and effectively. Most workshops are held in our offices and are typically open to the public. Our objective is to support knowledge of the markets and financial planning and to create confident, wise and informed investors. We are also regularly asked to do presentations and speak at a variety of workshops and gatherings on topics as diverse as finance, leadership, the markets and the economy. We offer client appreciation events and education that is directed exclusively to our clients on topics that are of particular importance to them.


Managing investment portfolios for our clients naturally exposes us to the latest economic and market information as well as new advances and trends in our industry.

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Women Investors

Some of our classes are specifically geared to women. Not only do women have longer lives, interrupted careers because of motherhood and can experience lower lifetime wages and pensions, they learn and communicate about money in different ways than men.

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It is widely recognized that preparing for retirement is the “right” and responsible thing to do. But in our changing world it seems that our ideas of what this phase looks like have not kept up to the reality.

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Divorce Transition

In the world of family finance, few events compare with the impact of a divorce. Long-term perspectives are skewed with temporary emotions, which can block a person’s view of the important financial questions and details to address.

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Sophia is a gathering place for thought leaders and business professionals who want to connect with each other to support and enhance their professional expertise and leadership reach.

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