Managing investment portfolios for our clients entails constant research and staying informed of the latest economic and market information as well as new advances and trends in our industry. Sophia clients expect us to be on the cutting edge of industry knowledge, and we also work hard to ensure our clients are achieving their desired level of education and information. 

While certain information is privy only to licensed professionals, there are mountains of data and research available to the “general public” – though not always in understandable language. A large part of investment education tends to be translating industry jargon into language that can be understood by our clients and colleagues and putting it into the context of their life circumstances. This is the key element that turns information into useable knowledge.

Our classic foundational education seminar, Empowered Investing, has been attended by thousands of people over the last 10 years. This class is offered regularly and in a variety of formats with the belief that understanding basic financial concepts and information creates well informed and confident investors. Topics such as asset allocation, balancing risk with security, diversification and modern portfolio construction strategies are explained in plain English. The goal is to educate, not to sell, and not to impress or razzle dazzle.