It is widely recognized that preparing for retirement is the “right” and responsible thing to do. But in our changing world it seems that our ideas of what this phase looks like have not kept up to the reality. What are the real pitfalls we need to avoid and what are the magnificent opportunities this new world offers us? With increased life expectancies, longer retirements, gender disparities and a society with a growing absence of wisdom workers, how can you shape an empowering life enhancing plan for yourself? What are the economic implications of having to make your money last for almost 30 years? How do men and women differ in their financial needs? And what does this phase of life REALLY look like?

In our classic seminar Empowered Retirement and our New Paradigms of Retirement classes, we examine and explain the stages of this phase of life, the different circumstances and challenges facing men and women and outline strategies for ensuring income lasts as long as we do. These workshops are highly acclaimed and in addition to offering them at the Sophia offices, we are asked to present them to various community and professional groups.