Our Partners

Every family, person, and professional needs a financial team to operate their lives efficiently and proficiently. In our time strapped, over-committed lives this may seem like too much trouble or too overwhelming. Many professionals project a false sense of ego and control believing that consultation with others makes them look weak or ignorant. We couldn’t disagree more.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of Sophia Financial. Without the advice of specialists, outcomes fall short and inadvertently unnecessary problems can be created. Most financial pitfalls and negative consequences can be avoided and all can be minimized with the right information from the right person at the right time.

There are three levels of consultation that we use in developing, implementing and maintaining a family’s financial planning and investment strategy.

At Sophia we have strong internal relationships within Raymond James. We know the staff at the trading desks, the research analysts, and the currency and industry researchers. We are on a first name basis with operations staff and key personnel on the various platforms that we regularly use. We make sure that within our internal network every possible resource and advantage is directed for our clients’ benefit and profit.

Additionally, we have two kinds of external professional partners. Well known in the financial community, we regularly consult with experts about situations facing our clients. We may talk to a psychologist about the stages of grief, an estate tax specialist on a new law or an economist on the direction of real estate or the European economy. We belong to numerous community forums on real estate, business, family law and financial planning. We regularly attend local and international educational events and conferences and are constantly seeking out the thoughts and opinions of the world’s top economists and market leaders. These conversations and interactions go on behind-the-scene and create a strong foundation of wisdom and superior knowledge.

Most obvious is our commitment to staying in relationship with the professionals who actively advise our clients in other areas of their lives. We regularly talk with their tax accountants, business financial advisors, lawyers, estate planners and insurance providers. We may facilitate a meeting at our offices bringing together a team of professionals during a critical time in a person’s life like during divorce or a sale of a family business. We may go with them to a meeting held at their lawyer or accountant’s office to provide another set of eyes and ears and to offer input. We will initiate contact and make connections with those who we think they should consult. We talk regularly to those who are providing assistance to create a strong support team of wise and high integrity professionals for our clients. 

We operate from the adage “we are stronger together than apart” at every level of service delivery.