Sophia Financial Group recognizes the power of a plan and this is demonstrated in the services we deliver.  Plans are the paths toward goals. Similar to a foot-path through the forest, an effective plan must adapt for obstacles and varying environmental conditions that a traveler cannot always control. Each service plan is developed in alignment with the Sophia Way, a proprietary five step process that addresses absolutely every aspect of your well-balanced and effectively managed portfolio of assets and investments. Our core belief in Education will be a common thread through every conversation we have together; and this means you should never hesitate to ask for clarification or greater detail on any topic we discuss.

Financial Planning

Financial planning at Sophia is a systematic process that enables an individual or family to clearly plan how current and future financial goals will be met.

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Investment Planning

At Sophia, we understand that your investment strategies will change over the course of your life according to your changing financial needs and risk tolerance as well as the inevitable changes in the market, government tax laws, and economic conditions. 

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Risk Management & Insurance Planning

Sophia Financial knows that risk management and insurance play a crucial role in your comprehensive financial plan. It is a tool that can help you protect your dependents and business interests from financial hardship when tragedy strikes. 

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Tax-Efficient Investment Planning

Tax-efficient investment planning is crucial at Sophia. It helps to ensure you gain maximum benefit of every dollar of your hard-earned money within the regulations put forward by the Canada Revenue Agency.

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Retirement Planning

At Sophia, we are specialists in retirement income planning. Whether you are early in your career, starting to contemplate retirement or already retired, we have the analytical tools that provide you with the information you need to ensure you are on track.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a very important component of an overall financial plan at Sophia. It refers to the orderly transfer of a client’s assets from one generation to another, ensuring that taxes and fees are minimized.

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Small Business Planning

At Sophia, we understand that as a small business owner, your needs are unique. From disability insurance to insuring the life of a business partner as part of a buy-sell agreement, we can help you reduce some of the risks that come with entrepreneurship.

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