“ Tracy and Kamal earned our complete trust as they explained how we can live within our financial means. Our Sophia Way retirement plan addresses our income needs so we can move forward confidently now and in the future. ”
~ Wendy Liu, Dental Hygienist and Allyson Lee, Primatologist, Animal Activist
“ Sophia's focus on women investors was instrumental in my move from the male-dominated and ineffective experience I had elsewhere. Their integrity and transparency is apparent in all that they do. ”
~ Marlene Delanghe, Principal, Career Solutions
“ The Sophia Way allowed my husband and I to build a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy that addresses our varying risk tolerance and our mutual life goals. ”
~ Sassona Baron, Therapist and Divorce Coach, Baron Counselling

“It wasn't just about the numbers; they saw me as a person, and put everything in the context of what my investments will mean to my life and how they can benefit my lifestyle." ~ Karen, client recently separated, Vancouver

"When you took over our account, you presented us with a level of personal service that we had not experienced before. You took into consideration our entire financial situation and spent considerable time with us to get to know who we are as people. You prepared a financial plan based on our goals and our risk tolerance level. You have proven to be worthy of our trust, and we look forward to our continuing relationship." ~ John and Ann, clients preparing for retirement, Burnaby

"I couldn't go to sleep tonight without thanking you for sharing your passion, wisdom and commitment with us tonight. I could feel the energy moving through every person who attended your talk. You certainly fueled a flame. Did you feel the connection? I loved it! With sincere gratitude - thank you." ~ Cindy, Training Coordinator, Vancouver

"Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!! Besides much incredible information, tips, and encouragement that I took away from our appointment, one thing really struck me deep and still stays with me: it was the question about "Does anyone care?" And though I think I have a few people who care, what is overwhelming to me is that you came out of nowhere and you genuinely cared about my situation. I want to applaud you for that. You take a huge risk to help me out. You don't know too much about me, but the kindness and support you poured my way is just unheard of. I never received this caring even from my family and I usually have to earn every ounce of help that I can find. So, THANK YOU sooooooooo very much for your incredible instinct and insight. Your help means so much to me." ~ Sonya, Mentee, Vancouver

"You do make a big difference in women's lives. Thank you." ~ Eve, workshop participant, Sydney, Australia

"My husband and I are so impressed with how you did our annual portfolio review. You and Kamal make a great team and we feel so secure about where we are headed now. Not just that, we understand the numbers and feel peaceful knowing you are watching our investments so closely. Thank you so much." ~ Marianne and Ken, clients, professional couple, Vancouver

“Thank you as always for your guidance, support and honesty. I feel very grateful to have you in my life.” ~ Ellen, Client, Vancouver

“Sooooo much of business is who you are rather than what you do - YET what you DO for people and how you make them feel (lit and fig) is what makes Sophia so special.” ~ Ray, colleague, Vancouver

“The time you take to listen, share your experience and offer guidance, feedback and your confidence in me is invaluable. I will continue on my path knowing I have you rooting for me.” ~ Jennie, Mentee, Vancouver

“We very much appreciate your support of our events that provide opportunities for education and training of our women members. Your generous donation of your time and space has been instrumental in helping us fulfill our mission of promoting, encouraging, and empowering women and girls in science, engineering and technology. I hope we have many opportunities to work together in the future!” ~ Anna Stukas, President, Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me today as well as providing me with the referrals. Your knowledge and expertise, as well as suggested plan for me, have given me direction to finally deal with these outstanding and ‘mind consuming’ issues. I have renewed hope to move on and build a new life - something that I realize now that I desperately needed. Your kind words and encouragement were much appreciated.” ~ Sandra, Client transitioning through divorce, Coquitlam, BC

“I am already feeling better. Thank you so much for being there to kick me in the bum. Sometimes a 48-hour period is what I need to work through ‘stuff’ and ....I know I am in a rut...ok a big rut...and I have tried unsuccessfully so far. Going through the paces but not truly believing in myself or the process. So with that in mind, I have called and have an appointment with a career advisor and a counsellor. I appreciate your support. You truly are a guardian angel. I hope someday I can be of help not just to your clients or charities but to you too.” ~ Linda, Client and Workshop Participant Nelson, BC

“I wanted to thank you so much for helping me get through this most difficult year while I separated with my husband of 22 years. From the first time that I met you a year ago, feels like a lifetime ago, your wise words have resonated with me as I go through this enormous life transition. I still can hear you say that we have to look after the 70-year old financially, even though I am only 50. I have come from the “darkness into the light” financially and “walked through the fire!!” I am now finally signed off with my former partner and thanks to having met with you in June, I am able to stay in my house for the next few years, having renegotiated my mortgage to a rate that lowered my payments. The house is in my name at your suggestion and your guidance was invaluable. I have many friends that are supportive but your wise words and action plan has made the biggest difference in where I am today. If you ever need anyone to give a testimonial about what you offer, please get in touch with me. I look forward to more workshops in the future and will continue to move through this journey as a strong and capable person.” ~ Laurel, workshop attendee, North Vancouver

“Thank you for your presence in my life! Beyond the incredibly helpful guidance and wisdom you offer to me financially, I value your view of the world. Your sense of giving and service, your calm, grounded nature and your genuine warm “live life to the fullest” nature make each meeting a joy!” ~ Jo-Ann, Client, retiree, Vancouver