2022 Winter Events

Another new year. Another opportunity to expand into the best life you can create for yourself. And, of course, money is a foundational part of a well lived and secure existence. Four years ago, we piloted Cash Flow Connections to a small group. During the course, participants saw measurable  growth in their financial literacy and confidence as well as notable progress towards their financial goals.  We believe the time has come to offer this in-depth series to our community at large. We know you are ready to dig deep, conquer your fears and learn the lessons you need to find the path to the goals you are yearning to achieve.

2022 is YOUR year!
All the best,
Kamal and Tracy

*NEW* Cash Flow Connections Series

Wednesdays, February 9, 2022 to March 16, 2022
12pm - 1pm via ZOOM

Taught by: Kamal Basra BSc, CFP, FMA, FCSI - Financial Advisor, Co-Founder Sophia Financial Group and Tracy Theemes MA, CFP - Financial Advisor, Co-Founder Sophia Financial Group

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Money is the currency of modern life. We cannot NOT have a relationship with it. Our job is to make it a friendly, positive and lucrative relationship. By understanding the practical mechanics of cash flow and investing, combined with self-knowledge, we are better able to create the financial life we have always wanted. Learn how your daily spending habits affect your long-term financial outcomes. Understand how money really works in your life. Then, with new tools and resources, you can be the boss of your money and not the other way around!

Join Tracy and Kamal for their exciting new six-part lunch hour webinar series that runs from February 9th to March 16th, every Wednesday from 12pm-1pm.

Your registration link will grant you access to all sessions. Grab your lunch and join us for informative, engaging, and empowering sessions that will help you connect with your finances!


February 9 — Managing Money in Changing Times

How do we establish a “new normal” in a shifting job and economic environment? What is cash flow and what is its connection to your long-term goals? Learn new ways to adjust, plan and succeed even in the midst of change.


February 16 — Risk, Reward and Returns

Identify what risk really means.

Create a personal risk assessment and understand its implications.

Learn what current opportunities are disguised in your current situation and how you can reap the rewards of even the weirdest financial circumstances.


February 23 — Find Your Financial Balance

Observe your typical patterns and learn how to distinguish the helpful from the hindering.

Find the correct role of “future” versus “present.”

Create your own money credo.


March 2 — What’s Your Number?

Discuss the role of numbers in your overall financial strategy—what is relevant and what is not.

What is enough and how do you define it?

Define a path forward that allows you to adapt to change and still stay the course.


March 9 — Moving Forward, Moving Through

The adage “the only way out, is through” has never been truer.

Identify best practices for you to stay on track and adapt to turbulence.

Learn the skills you need to be financially resilient.


March 16— Open Q&A with Kamal and Tracy

Still unsure of how this all relates to you or have questions that are keeping you up at night? Here is your opportunity to ask those questions around what remains unclear and be part of a dialogue that will inspire, inform and guide you forward.




"I look forward to more workshops in the future and will continue to move through this journey as a strong and capable woman."
-Laurel, North Vancouver


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