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In 1962, Bob James set out to build a different kind of financial services firm. Bob had a strong vision of what he expected from this new company:

  • Focus on long term planning instead of simply placing trades.
  • Be financially responsible at all times.
  • Always operate with the utmost integrity.
  • Remain uncompromising in always putting clients, and the advisors, who serve them first.

Today, more than 50 years after our founding, we remain true to Bob’s core tenets which continue to serve Raymond James and our clients well.


Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Raymond James has become one of the largest independent financial services firms in the United States. We are a diversified financial services holding company with subsidiaries engaged primarily in investment and financial planning, investment banking, and asset management. As a publicly traded, global company, Raymond James stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (RJF) and we have consistently demonstrated the highest levels of financial stability and security.

In 2013, Raymond James reached a milestone – 100 consecutive quarters of profitability.1 This streak of profitability has continued from 2013 through the present day. We are proud of this accomplishment, particularly, considering how many storied firms were either purchased by banks, merged with other companies, or closed their doors over the last decade.

Raymond James By The Numbers

More than 6,700 financial advisors

More than 2.7 million client accounts

More than $500 billion in total client assets

Serving The Greater Good

Raymond James was founded on the principle that putting others first – from clients to neighbors – is the right thing to do. This deep commitment remains a core part of who we are as a company. Since inception, Raymond James has given back to communities by supporting culture and the arts, health and social services, and education initiatives. Raymond James advisors, associates and affiliates invest their time and resources to benefit programs and organizations throughout the United States.

Safety and Security

Raymond James is dedicated to protecting both your assets and your privacy. To learn about the many safeguards in place – internally and through outside sources including the federal government – please click here.

Why Raymond James Is Truly Different

If you asked a Raymond James associate what truly makes Raymond James a different type of financial services firm, they would likely say, “it’s the culture.”

Our financial advisors would tell you they work at a company which provides them with all of the resources they need – leading-edge technology, award-winning equity research, superior back-office support, continuing education, and ongoing insights to keep their focus where it belongs: on their clients. They would tell you that through our culture of independence, they are empowered to deliver individualized, objective, informed recommendations, and thoughtful service to each of their clients, in the most appropriate manner.

Raymond James associates share in the mission to facilitate the best possible experience for each client by cultivating an environment of mutual respect and integrity where everyone is encouraged to go the extra mile.

Our Value Proposition

We’ve done business differently since our start in 1962 because we have always realized the value of relationships built on trust and integrity. No cookie-cutter solutions here, no conflicts of interest in any transaction, and no self-interest allowed.

As one of the nation’s premier financial services firms, Raymond James has always been focused on financial planning to help individuals reach their goals. We pioneered the concept more than 50 years ago. We treat each client as an individual with unique financial needs, helping them plan for every eventuality. Your advisor is empowered to do what is right for you now and over the long-term – creating solutions and plans to solve your financial challenges.

From the beginning, we believed as we do now, that when it comes to your money, there is no substitute for a carefully considered and disciplined investment approach.

In short, it’s all about you – always has been, always will be. That’s Raymond James.

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1Past performance is not indicative of future results. The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell Raymond James Financial stock.

2As of 12/31/2015