The two principal partners of SOUND Wealth Management Group – one a former producer/promoter, the other a composer/performer – have developed many relationships with those who have chosen to make the performing arts their profession. As a result, our team understands the complexities and uncertainties within the music and performing arts industries.

Songwriters, performers, merchandisers, producers, union members, publishers and executives are all subject to trends, irregular money flows, and unique financial challenges. SOUND Wealth Management Group is acutely aware of the complexities; tours, advances, royalty payments (and the like) are dynamic and require tailored planning and counsel to ensure your passion will provide for an enduring lifestyle for you and your family.

Just like a live performance on stage reveals the skill, passion and professionalism of an artist, SOUND Wealth Management Group is overt and forthcoming with investment management. As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®), Gary has the training to implement a prudent process into the investment practices of SOUND Wealth Management Group.

Artists, and the teams that support them, coordinate to achieve a common goal; we are happy to work with your circle of trusted professionals (agents, business managers, attorneys, accountants, etc.) – while respecting your need for discretion and confidentiality – to assure all the appropriate facets are considered when developing a wealth management strategy.

SOUND Wealth Management Group also works with those who have "stepped out of the spotlight" to develop transition plans to sustain the wealth created from past successes. Whether you are considering content conversion to the Digital Age or evaluating 70-year copyright legacies, we understand your needs and will work with you to develop individualized plans to pursue your financial goals.

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