Corporate Executives

Corporate Executives

As a valued executive of your company, the rewards you receive for your uncommon vision and leadership can be significant. Along with rewards, however, come unique challenges and risks – highly concentrated stock positions, restricted stock grants and warrants, and bonuses/incentive compensation (appreciation rights, performance stock units). While maximizing these strategies may be appealing at first blush, they may require careful evaluation to avoid maintaining too high of a correlation to the endeavors and culture of your company. Since your earnings are closely related to your company’s success, it is prudent to separate your personal future from your employer’s. As a trusted, unbiased partner, SOUND Wealth Management Group assists in analyzing your sensitivity to a single business entity by removing the emotion and proximity that might skew decisions.

Whether you are an emerging or seasoned executive, SOUND Wealth Management Group will evaluate your benefits and work with you to preemptively model a variety of plans to test the potential consequences of "what if" situations and the probabilities of attaining your financial goals against varying income levels, modified compensation plans, future expenditures, and retirement date – regularly evaluating the results.

SOUND Wealth Management Group can help with many complex executive transactions, including employee stock ownership plans, cashless stock option exercises, rule 144, 145 and 701 executions, pension buyouts, 10b5-1 sales plans, and hedging and monetization for concentrated equity positions. Further, we can assist with corporate solutions – such as repurchase programs, corporate cash management, executive benefit platforms, and retirement programs.

SOUND Wealth Management Group has become very familiar with executive compensation and benefit programs across many companies and industries, and is able to provide specific guidance tailored to individual corporate programs and your personal situation.

When it comes time to transition into retirement or another business opportunity, SOUND Wealth Management Group will synchronize your financial plan and continue to provide informed guidance to you and your family. SOUND Wealth Management Group is overt and forthcoming with investment management. As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®), Gary has the training to implement a prudent process into the investment practices of SOUND Wealth Management Group.

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