Recognizing that each client requires a unique mix of financial vehicles in support of their goals, SOUND Wealth Management Group draws upon a broad array of products and services to customize financial plans and investment portfolios to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client in a suitable manner.

Equity investment is ownership in businesses or enterprises in anticipation of appreciation and sharing in the profits of a business. It is typically facilitated through the purchase of stock. Shares of stock represent proportional ownership of businesses and are generally purchased in the open market or in initial offerings.

Stocks are the foundation of most investment portfolios and have historically outperformed most other asset classes over the long run. The chart provided shows that going back to 1926 (before the Great Depression), the stock market has averaged a return above 10% and has been a long-term growth engine for achieving increases in net worth. Although, stock prices do fluctuate, they are typically considered a core holding for properly designed financial plans.

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