Legacy and Estate Planning

You have worked a lifetime to create a financial foundation for yourself and your loved ones and deserve the peace of mind of knowing that the people and institutions you care about will continue to benefit from all you have done.

Utilizing the right vehicles – such as trusts, wills, and insurance coupled with prudent selection and management of your investments – will ensure your plan is memorialized, legally SOUND and consistent with your desires.

Whether it is developing new documents or reviewing and updating an existing plan, the expertise of SOUND Wealth Management Group and Raymond James’ extensive array of tax, trust, and financial planning knowledge can help ensure your assets are protected and your wishes are followed.

New Legacy Plans

Establishing a legacy plan can seem like a daunting task, and it may be difficult to determine how to begin. We believe it should not start by meeting with an attorney and asking: "What can be done?" Rather, you should take the time to determine what you really wish to accomplish.

There are a multitude of things to consider, and your SOUND Wealth Management Group can be a trusted partner in formulating your desires as you prepare to meet with your legal team. Some of the questions to consider include: "How and where do you want your assets to go?" "At what pace do you want the assets distributed and under what conditions?" "Is there anyone that you would like to allow to amend your directives and under what circumstances?" "Do you have any concerns regarding protecting the assets from your children’s spouses, creditors, potential lawsuits or judgments?" "Do you have a living person that you would like to administer your trust consistent with your written directive, or is a third party (such as a trust company) needed?"

If you already have the needed legal firm in mind, we will be happy to work with them on your behalf. We can also recommend the appropriate trusted professionals, Raymond James Trust, an affiliate of Raymond James & Associates, Inc., or an outside trust company for a consultation and preparation of the required documents – we will participate with these parties to the degree you desire.

Existing Legacy Plans

If you have an existing legacy plan, you should consider regular reviews due to the fact that laws, legislation, relationships, and wishes may change over time. SOUND Wealth Management Group provides complimentary estate plan reviews to ensure that your documents are consistent with your current desires. If our review should indicate any concerns or omissions, we will work with you and your existing professionals to amend things; if you prefer, we will recommend an attorney to modify or replace your documents.

An Important Note: Trusts and wills create a personal "vault" that will protect the contents consistent with your direction. Too often, we find that families have spent the time to develop their plan and the official documents, but have not properly titled their assets – leaving them with an empty "vault." We will work with you to ensure that all of your assets are properly protected.

The SOUND Wealth Management Group Professionals Network

SOUND Wealth Management Group has developed a partner network with high quality professionals who can help in preparing the specific documents and strategies needed to create the trusts, wills, health care surrogates, and other critical documents that are needed to memorialize your wishes and achieve your goals during and after your lifetime. We can refer you to the appropriate external professionals and will work in conjunction with them to the degree that you desire.

Raymond James Trust

While most people do not need a trust company to execute and manage their wishes, there are certain situations or complexities that may make it helpful or required. Raymond James Trust is available to those clients who need this capability.

Raymond James Trust, N.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond James Financial that currently manages more than $3.5 billion in client assets. Through SOUND Wealth Management Group, you have access to the trust company’s wide range of trust and estate planning services. Under its federal charter, Raymond James Trust may act as trustee, custodian, agent to the trustee, or personal representative/executor.

Estate Planning Key Numbers

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