The SWMG Disciplined Wealth Management Process


We are acutely aware of the important role we play in our clients’ lives and are committed to building prosperous, long-lasting relationships based on mutual understanding and focus. We ask a lot of questions and truly listen. We listen not so we may simply respond, but to understand. We hope you also ask a lot of questions because it is conversation that enables us to best serve you.

Our Disciplined Wealth Management Process starts with getting to know you and your family or organization and leads to the development of a written strategic financial plan, or "blueprint," to help achieve your goals in a suitable manner. Your unique financial plan is paramount, as contentious moments in investment cycles can lead investors astray – causing predictably irrational behaviors – selling at market lows, buying the "hot dots," deviating from a plan and overreacting to the "news du jour." Like a diet, without a lifestyle in mind, it is easy for short-term actions to sabotage long-term results.

When talking with new clients, we often find they were managing finances without defining their investment goals and, like succumbing to the lure of doughnuts in the break room, were making quick changes without proper consideration of the long-term impact of their actions. Others, without an appropriate context for decision making, were eating the same unhealthy investment diet (day after day) without really understanding the future damage they were causing to occur. The people who tend to be in the best shape have a long-term plan based on personal goals that enable them to avoid quick temptations and generate beneficial results over time.

Some in our industry might ask, "What is your risk tolerance?" We believe this is a fundamentally flawed question; much like asking, "How do you feel about risk at this very moment?" It simply does not answer much beyond your feelings today. Rather, by placing the focus on your goals (goal tolerance), our planning is rooted in acceptable ranges and your flexibility around the associated outcomes. We want to know what matters most to you and, accordingly, we will ask questions about your core beliefs and desires to find these essential answers. In order to tailor our services to you, we seek to understand the fundamental components of your past, present, and future – the age you would like to be considered “retired”, the type of lifestyle you would like to maintain, your legacy desires, the things and people who matter to you, how you define success, your fears and concerns, your investment experiences, and your family history.

"Building long-term wealth is like driving an automobile. If you narrowly focus on the stretch of road a few feet in front of your car, you risk making unnecessary adjustments and over-steering. Only when you lift your eyes to focus further down the highway will you successfully reach your destination."

– Christopher C. Davis

When we have truly learned about you, SOUND Wealth Management Group will use advanced financial modeling software to develop a strategic plan that is stress-tested (using a set of sophisticated algorithms) to calculate probabilities of success. After further discussion, this output will provide the base-line guidance necessary to help achieve your goals – whether they are living the retirement of which you’ve dreamed, traveling the world, having additional endowment funds, leaving a legacy or any other personal desires. We also recognize life is not lived exclusively in the long term and, thus, your strategic and tactical plan views consider how adjustments in the now can impact future results.

After we reach agreement on your financial plan ("the blueprint"), we will present specific investment recommendations to pursue your goals in a suitable, holistic manner – taking into account both historical capital asset pricing and the current economic environment. As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®), Gary has the training to implement a prudent process into the investment practices of SOUND Wealth Management Group. Your assets will be held and cleared through Raymond James & Associates. Our parent company, Raymond James Financial is one of the largest financial institutions in the United States with over $500 billion in client assets.

As we enter the implementation and ongoing management phases of our relationship, we listen to the markets but remain diligent in focusing on your goals. We find the news cycle to be the wind that shakes the barley, as it commonly amplifies investor short-term fear or exuberance, creating a real opportunity to derail an investment plan and jeopardize successful achievement of plan goals. Working with us, you will find we are students of economics, the markets and, importantly, people. Although each individual or institution has unique preferences and goals, there are many factors that make us all very similar, and our process takes common investment pitfalls into account so that rationality may reign.

Upon becoming a client of SOUND Wealth Management Group, our dedicated team will help ensure you completely understand our review process, statements, online access, etc. If wealth management offerings were not established at the onset of our relationship, we further expand our services by discussing liability management (mortgages, securities based lending), insurance and long-term care, education planning, business succession planning, corporate planning, charitable giving, trust and estate planning, and other wealth management solutions.

Investments will inevitably have ruts during your investing years that create emotional hurdles. Having a well-structured plan with a trusted team, such as SOUND Wealth Management Group, will provide a road map of action during difficult times, and also the sensitive counsel needed.

SOUND Wealth Management Group does have requirements for our clients, namely: to continue in conversation. The team will arrange periodic reviews throughout the year (generally quarterly). We will discuss current macroeconomic conditions, family updates, track your goals, and make required adjustments when necessary. In no way do scheduled reviews preclude more frequent conversations; you are welcome to contact us at any time, and we will not hesitate to call you when warranted.

We are happy you have taken the time to read and learn more about our disciplined wealth management process. We hope to learn more about YOU – let’s start the conversation…