Pilots of both fixed and rotary wing aircraft have faced many changes over the years. From corporate chapter 11 bankruptcies to large airline mergers, many have had to adjust to company transformations, making current income and retirement planning even more challenging.

SOUND Wealth Management Group understands the meticulous attention to detail required by pilots to ensure comfort and safety until engines down. From traditional investment and retirement planning to complex A/B pensions and insurance policies, SOUND Wealth Management Group covers the full gamut of wealth management solutions for pilots and their families.

Over the years, we have seen the reduction of corporate matches – even the elimination – and the disposition or transition of pension plans to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (VEBA) Trusts, or the myriad of air and freight logistics conversion plans, such as Pilots’ Retirement Savings Plan (PRSP), Pilots’ Money Purchase Pension Plan (PMPP) and defined benefit plans. The economic terrain is constantly changing, and the "unknowns" need to be considered; SOUND Wealth Management Group works with families from the major carriers, PPL/PPC holders, and freight and logistics pilots, and will work with you and your family to preemptively model a variety of benefits plans to test the potential impact of "what if" scenarios and the probabilities of attaining your financial goals against varying income levels, modified compensation plans, future expenditures, and retirement date, while regularly evaluating the results.

When it comes time to transition from primary income to sustaining a lifestyle from past success, SOUND Wealth Management Group will synchronize your financial plan and continue to guide you and your family through the years you have designated for pursuing the lifestyle you had envisioned.

SOUND Wealth Management Group is overt and forthcoming with investment management. As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®), Gary has the training to implement a prudent process into the investment practices of SOUND Wealth Management Group.

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