The financial services business is one based upon relationships of trust. The most valued asset which a financial advisor seeks to attain and maintain in business is his reputation. It is something that takes some time to acquire, yet can be tarnished rather quickly! I place a great deal of emphasis upon building a good and trusted reputation. This requires a great deal of time and effort to keep myself informed on important events affecting the markets and to evaluate their effect over time. It is incumbent on me to keep clients informed and offer strategies to help them successfully deal with the challenges presented by these market forces in an effort to help them reach their financial goals and objectives. Additionally, it is important to be honest and forthright with clients. I am naturally an optimistic person and look for good investment opportunities even in the worst of market conditions! Indeed, the best opportunities often lie in the worst of markets! While I cannot guarantee results, you will find that I make a commitment to give you the best information available and work to help you put into action a meaningful investment strategy and help you monitor results for the best possible outcome.

With this attitude in mind, I value your referral. It is unquestionably the most efficient and effective way to build my business. For, who better to build my business than with the friends and acquaintances of my current client base? You can be sure that I will treat your referral with the same attention and respect as my long time clients. Furthermore, I would like to reward your efforts to help me grow my business in a preferred way. So, for the first two qualified referrals you send my way that set an initial consultation appointment for financial planning, I will send you a $50 Gift Card per referral as my thanks for your consideration.

Note: Gift cards are limited to a total of $100.00 per year. A qualified referral can be described as an individual, family, or business whose financial assets are currently or expected soon to be sufficient to present the need for professional financial planning and would ordinarily warrant ongoing advice or management. There is no assurance any investment strategy will be successful. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of capital.