Dave Ramsey

Stephen Wilson

Over the last quarter century, Dave Ramsey has grown to become one of America’s best-known financial counselors. As a young entrepreneur still in his 20’s, he had amassed a net worth in real estate of over a million dollars. However, this wealth was leveraged by debt – a lot of debt. Unfortunately, when you’re in debt, the economy giveth but the economy taketh away even more! Accordingly, the recession of the late 80’s destroyed Dave’s wealth and forced him into bankruptcy. In order to succeed entrepreneurs must be willing to take risk and persevere. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Dave is nothing if not tough. However, he regretted not fully understanding the massive repercussions of undertaking personal debt. He searched for financial advice and found it through studying biblical principles, especially those related to the perils of debt and the notion of producing and maintaining wealth. He made it his mission not just to succeed without debt, but to counsel others on the virtue of eliminating personal debt and building lasting wealth. In 1992, he formed Ramsey Solutions and wrote Financial Peace, based upon his studies and experience. Financial Peace resulted in Financial Peace University, which provides complete courses in guiding people on how to get out and stay out of debt and build wealth. Financial Peace University is now presented by thousands of believers all over the country including curriculums for schools. The evolution of Ramsey Solutions from that simple beginning is historic and has resulted in it becoming one of the fastest growing companies in America. Ramsey Solutions is now a financial solutions juggernaut which produces national best-selling authors, radio and television personalities, programs for financial success, and seminars for success in business and life. Among the thousands and thousands of people inspired by Dave are people like me, an experienced Financial Advisor and member of the SmartVestor program. I enjoy teaching and helping people to achieve financial success and independence through the understanding and utilization of sound financial principles- principles like Dave’s. Dave is on a mission and so am I!

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