Assisting professionals in addressing divorce

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), Karl Rohrbaugh assists attorneys, CPAs and therapists who have clients facing divorce.

How Karl collaborates with divorce attorneys

Before you file your case, Karl can analyze the financial ramifications of various settlement scenarios. This can help you negotiate the most advantageous settlement. He can also review business records, corporate benefits, tax returns, retirement plans, and other financial data essential for preparing pre- and post-divorce budgets and a financial affidavit. His input can help ensure your clients receive equitable settlements and help provide justification for requesting spousal support.

How Karl collaborates with CPAs

Karl can help assist with analyzing the short- and long-term implications of financial settlements, particularly as they relate to investments, tax status and pensions.

How Karl collaborates with therapists

A marital transition can affect your clients both emotionally and financially. Karl can assist you in helping your clients understand the financial consequences of divorce, set realistic expectations and help alleviate concerns about receiving a settlement that can enable them to move forward with their lives.

Karl’s knowledge base includes:

  • Financial issues affecting divorce
  • Personal vs. marital property
  • Valuing and dividing property
  • Retirement assets and pensions
  • Spousal and child support
  • Tax strategies

Have a conversation with Karl:

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