Swanson Vann Family Financial Planning

Scott B. Swanson, CFP®
Vice President, Financial Planner
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Thomas H. Vann, CEP®
Wealth Management Specialist
Investment Management Consultant
First Vice President, Investments
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We believe that developing a financial solution that focuses specifically on you and your family is best accomplished by employing a thorough, orderly process that begins by first getting to know you in depth.

Understanding where you are and where you envision going gives us a clear objective for helping you to navigate the events in your life with financial confidence.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you, or if you're ready to now begin planning for your future, please contact us today.

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Swanson Vann Family Financial Planning of Raymond James®
Nine Greenway Plaza, Suite 3112|Houston, Texas 77046
Scott Swanson|Direct: 713-787-2122|Tom Vann|Direct: 713-787-2171
Additional Contact Information|Toll-Free: 866-433-9178|Fax: 713-960-0050
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