Joshua Yocam Vice President, Wealth Management

Josh Yocam is a dedicated Financial Advisor who specializes in helping clients create and grow their wealth to sustain the lifestyle they deserve now and preserve it through retirement.

With a passion for helping his family, friends, and clients in achieving their investment goals, Josh finds the most rewarding aspect of his work to be the meaningful relationships he builds. His extensive experience in providing exceptional client service enables him to offer a personalized approach to wealth management, encompassing services from asset allocation to retirement income planning.

Known for his resourcefulness and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Josh works closely with successful executives, professionals, and business owners, serving as their personal "investment coach." He believes that a customized financial strategy or "game plan" is essential to becoming a successful investor.

Josh earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science from the University of California, Irvine. When not at the office, he enjoys a vibrant family life with his wife Abigail and their three sons: Knox (4), Decker (1), and Tucker (1). Their family also includes a brown Newfoundland named Moose. The Yocams are avid outdoor and sports enthusiasts, cherishing time spent together watching games or playing at the beach.