Our Asset Protection Strategies Can Help You Plan Now for Future Setbacks

You and your family have worked hard to accumulate the wealth you have, we are here to help you preserve and grow that wealth while you enjoy time and experiences with the family you worked so hard for.

Allow us to calculate risks and navigate the strongest financial path for you and your family. With our vast experience, and ability to ask the right questions, we can customize financial plans with security measures in place appropriate for your family and businesses that will grow and adapt with time and your particular needs. Our experience and knowledge will be there with you through all phases of growth and change, as well as help guide you through any unforeseen circumstances and challenges.

Asset Protection Basics

Asset protection strategies are allowed by law to help protect individuals from claims made against them which may not be lawful or fair. These plans are in place as a safeguard particularly for individuals who are in the most need of asset protection which can include physicians, those with substantial real estate holdings and people who are employed in other high-risk fields. Asset protection is not a form of responding to pending legal action. Asset protection planning is completed and in place well in advance of even the threat of legal action.

How Can Asset Protection Help Me?

By carefully planning and refining insurance coverages, reviewing any jointly held accounts and separating yourself from liabilities such as rental property tenants, our wealth advisors can help guide you to a customized wealth protection solution that is right for you and that is made in accordance to the law.

Why Choose the team at The Avenue Wealth Management?

Properly securing your assets and ensuring business and personal finances are accurately separated is a complex endeavor. Our wealth management professionals can help you review everything from business partnerships to insurance coverages and how you handle estate transfers and family gifts. The team at The Avenue Wealth Management Group can provide insights in to the laws governing asset protection.