YOUR PARTNER IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSETSpouse Income and Insurance Planning

Providing A Partner or Stay-At-Home Spouse with Income & Insurance

Your Partner or Stay-At-Home Spouse has dedicated their career to your home and family, and you want to make sure they have an income and insurance. We can guide you with a plan to make that a reality.

Providing a Spouse with Insurance

We can evaluate the insurance plan you have, or help you create one to cover your spouse or partner, throughout your lives.

Ensure A Spouse's Income Throughout Retirement

Allow us to help guide a plan to help ensure your Spouse’s income throughout their retirement.

Social Security and Your Spouse

If your spouse or partner has chosen to stay-at-home, and dedicated their career to the home and family, social security funds will not reflect the work and contributions they have made. We can help create a plan to supplement or replace the lacking social security to ensure a more solid future with retirement.

Guidance for Spouse Business Partners and Employees

When your spouse is your partner in life as well as also being your business partner or employee, we can help navigate plans and benefits from both personal and business angles to ensure they can benefit from both.

The Value of a Stay-At-Home Spouse

What is the value of a stay-at-home spouse? Priceless. Placing a dollar value on a job that requires 24/7 attendance, and complete dedication is difficult, but we can help guide you in translating a dollar amount to provide proper retirement funding to secure a lifestyle they deserve after such dedication.