MAKING CHARITABLE DONATIONS COUNTFamily Foundations, Philanthropy and Your Legacy

A Bright Approach to Family Foundations and Giving.

Private family foundations are created to exist in perpetuity. Your passion can fuel the beginning of the foundation while the assets and control of the foundation can be passed to countless generations of family, perpetuating your values, continuing your charitable work, and continuing your legacy and your name far beyond your lifetime.

Estate Planning with Philanthropy in Mind

Create your own engine of positive change while creating opportunity for your family to be involved. A private family foundation allows you to create something that can produce generation upon generation of individuals who are committed to making a difference.

Tax Benefits & The Right Choice for Your Goals

While your focus remains on the charities you passionately choose to support, your team at The Avenue will utilize the various tax benefits to your investments advantage, that will support your long term investment goals.

Let Us Help You Build the Future Around Your Vision

You have the vision of how you see your dollars contributing to the betterment of your community. The Avenue will listen to your philanthropic and investment goals to create the best plan to move in the right direction for both.