Erik C. Brechnitz, WMS Senior Vice President, Investments Wealth Management Specialist

Erik’s overriding goal for his clients is clear-cut – to achieve their financial objectives while taking on the least amount of risk necessary. As a Wealth Management Specialist™, he applies diverse areas of expertise such as macroeconomic analysis, asset allocation, estate planning and fixed income strategies.

With a professional career in the financial services industry that spans more than 55 years, he has experience with a wide universe of market conditions and economic environments. He is the namesake of our team and has been the patriarch and mentor to each team member. Before joining Raymond James in 2006, he held senior vice president positions at Morgan Stanley, Kemper Securities, Blunt Ellis & Loewi and Loewi & Co.

In addition, Erik served as chief operating officer and allied member of the New York Stock Exchange at Mid-America Corporation. Before beginning his financial services career, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from the University of Missouri and served in the United States Air Force.

Erik splits time between Decatur and his home in Marco Island, Florida, with his wife, Nancy. They are avid tennis players and enjoy travel and time with their kids, four grandkids and great-grandson.