You dedicate each day toward pursuing your full potential. The strategy designed to help you realize your financial goals should be equally as diligent and ongoing.

This is precisely why we have created the Brechnitz Group CorePlus model, an intelligent, dynamic investment tool that works as hard as you do on a daily basis. It makes available to individual investors such as yourself the daily active monitoring and tactical investment management previously enjoyed only by large institutional clients.

At its essence is a pair of professionally managed mutual funds that have been carefully selected by us as the core holdings for our three customized asset allocation models that employ a conservative, balanced or growth strategy based on your objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance.

By monitoring market data daily, we attempt to anticipate and respond to movements and adjust your portfolio accordingly, enhancing its allocation with tactical measures that incorporate market conditions, economic trends and our team’s forecasts. 

Our goal is to reduce risk and enhance total return potential through active portfolio management. One example is our use of predetermined upper and lower price bands. They allow for a disciplined approach that helps guide our team regarding overall allocation and market risk exposure for each model. 

For example, when a price band’s upper range is violated, we systematically begin reducing each portfolio’s equity allocation or exposure to market risk. Conversely, when markets are in decline and enter our lower-range price bands, we use this opportunity to increase exposure while prices are more attractive. 

Additionally, our team uses our vast cumulative experience to take advantage of a wide range of asset classes, including alternative investments typically reserved only for institutional investors.

The Brechnitz Group CorePlus model allows you to truly enjoy an institutional-quality investment approach for the management and preservation of your wealth.