As you move through life, your goals, needs and priorities evolve. Early in your career, you are focused on accumulating assets. As retirement draws nearer, your concern shifts to preserving the wealth you have accumulated. Once you have put your working years behind you, retirement calls for a careful distribution of your wealth. The customized financial plan we create for you is designed to guide you through the entirety of your life, and its three distinct stages of wealth management.

Accumulation (your working years)

As you work toward future milestones, your investments should be positioned to help support your long-term goals. Working within the appropriate time frame and risk levels, we'll allocate a portion of your portfolio to more aggressive, growth-oriented alternatives that we intend to hold for longer periods. In addition to making sure your plan is equipped to meet your future needs, we'll also structure your investments to help generate appropriate funds for your current pursuits.

Preservation (nearing retirement)

The financial security you've worked to attain is an asset well worth protecting. As you close in on certain long-term goals, we'll arrange your plan to help provide increased stability and predictability, helping to minimize the potential effects of short-term market fluctuations. Your portfolio will be allocated toward lower-risk investments designed to reduce volatility and protect against inflation and taxes. We'll also make sure you are equipped with a cohesive arrangement of insurance alternatives in order to guard against unexpected or unnecessary loss.

Distribution (retirement)

Careful planning is essential to making sure your hard-earned wealth lasts throughout your lifetime and beyond. Your objectives may range from receiving a lasting stream of income to gifting assets to loved ones, to eventually leaving behind a philanthropic legacy. Through a series of estate planning exercises, we'll help guide you in determining a plan that accurately reflects your goals for the distribution of your wealth. Then we'll continue to work closely with you and your family to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.