Our wealth advisory team is privileged to serve a select group of physician specialists, business owners, professionals and families. We find great fulfillment in helping them pursue their financial objectives and their aspiration for a work-optional lifestyle – and the freedom and flexibility it affords.

It’s why we’ve worked so diligently to develop our P3 Investment Process – to bring all the pieces of their financial puzzle together, and give each client we serve confidence in their future.

Our promises to you

  • • The first step in our P3 Investment Process is the promise to be passionate about clearly defining your goals, dreams and objectives.
  • • Relationships utilizing our CorePlus models will have their portfolios carefully reviewed twice every month by the Brechnitz Group team.
  • • Your wealth management plan will be personalized to your specific situation and needs, utilizing our proprietary process and never an off-the-shelf solution.
  • • We will consider your risk tolerance and management paramount in the process and strive to never take more risk than necessary to achieve your goals.
  • • One week prior to your progress review, the third leg of our process, you will receive a written agenda – to which you may add any items you wish to discuss.
  • • Our entire office is dedicated to serving your wealth management needs, and any inquiry will be responded to within 24 hours.
  • • We will have complete transparency in disclosing our management fees and all performance figures. Discussions will always be on a net basis (after all fees and expenses).
  • • Your relationship and financial details will always be protected and confidential.

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