Understanding the challenges women investors face and how we help

A financial plan without a man

We all know women who have relied on their husbands for financial matters, but it's time to boldly declare that a man is not a financial plan. If you, a friend, or a family member has ever been through a divorce, you understand the complexities of the emotional side, let alone the overwhelming to-do's once everything is finalized. It is our passion to help guide women through the before and after divorce to do list. We do this by enlisting a financial team of qualified professionals, helping our clients hurdle painful logistics and begin thriving in their lives as independent women.

For happily married couples, we want to be certain that there is financial transparency between both spouses, so we always request that the husband and wife participate in the planning process. It's crucial to your success to stay involved in the financial equation, regardless of who manages the finances of the household. Plus, money is just the tool that facilitates your goals for life, so it has less to do with finance and more to do with planning for the future. It's always great to have both spouses dually agree on a goal and work together towards success.