Our Approach to financial planning

In today’s increasingly complex financial landscape, we believe that thoughtful planning requires a team approach. It’s why our team members share their specialties and strengths, allowing for greater collaboration and more creative thinking as a collective group. Together, we are proactive and relentless about finding every hidden gem that can enhance the financial plan.

Each client has a financial advisor as a specific point of contact to help monitor and regularly review their financial plan, as well as address market opportunities and other changes in a timely fashion. But along with individual client communication, each of our advisors also takes on a larger role.

Our team approach also extends to the way we do business. We collaborate with your tax professional and attorney to help ensure that we address your complete financial planning needs in a cohesive manner.

Our process for building your plan

Our process gives us an orderly way to identify relevant strategies for moving forward and fully addressing your needs. Here are the basic steps that outline the process we use for building your financial plan.

  • Understand
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Manage