Brandon Hatton


A consistent, process-driven individual, Brandon enjoys the fulfillment that working with people brings while also reveling in the rules-based, methodical nature of portfolio creation and maintenance. He feels these two sides of his professional role balance each other out, and enable him to truly tap into his talents for the betterment of those he serves.

Brandon specializes in executive compensation and is well-versed in advising clients on how to use their financial assets to help make a positive societal impact – whether through investments or philanthropy. He endeavors to help his clients live an abundant life with intention. For him, an intentional way of life includes knowing your personal goals as well as what it will take to reach them.

Brandon worked on cruise ships for two years after college, traveling the world before opening a school in Egypt with a team of five others. He taught there for one year and then accepted a job in Lebanon, where he taught history for two years. He then took a job in Brazil teaching history and social sciences with a focus on economics. Prior to joining Raymond James, Brandon served as a wealth management advisor with Merrill Lynch.

In his free time, Brandon enjoys cycling, walking, sailing, cooking and adventure dining. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he makes his home in Atlanta with his partner, Kim.