The Seiler Group

Helping physicians and medical professionals manage wealth and the financial issues they encounter

Physicians and medical professionals deal with many of the same financial issues as other affluent people – defining their goals, investing for their future, saving for retirement, planning for education expenses and so on.

However, there are other concerns specific to you – the financial issues involved in running a practice, for example, which require both an entrepreneurial mindset and specific expertise.

In addition, there are great demands on your time, running the practice and dealing with patient loads. You may not have the time or attention necessary to deal with these critical financial matters.

We help physicians and medical professionals with key financial issues that specifically apply to their profession, including protecting assets from liability risk, tax planning, managing education debt, creating an employee retirement plan, independent contractor issues, and dealing with managed care reimbursement cutbacks and rising practice expenses. You may have a small group of employees, so your retirement plan options for the practice may be more limited.

At The Seiler Group of Raymond James, our goal is to provide medical professionals with the sound financial guidance they need, so they can focus on the important task at hand – caring for their patients.

Please note: Changes in tax laws or regulations may occur at any time and as financial advisors of Raymond James, we are not qualified to render advice on tax or legal matters. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional. Services we offer include:


  • Financial planning
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Portfolio risk analysis
  • Estate planning
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance needs (including liability and life insurance)
  • Review partnership agreements
  • Exit strategies from the business (succession planning)
  • Networking with other clients