• Anitra Brennan, RFC®

    Financial Advisor

Family is the reason for everything I do and through them I am able to overcome obstacles with a positive and loving attitude. Raising my two sons has given me hope for the future. I look at my children and hope that they feel all of the love and support that I strive to give them every day. I want to set an example for them to follow as they grow to be caring advocates in their community and to be a voice to be heard, rather than be an echo in the crowd.

Leading by example is something I learned from my parents. They both have an amazing work ethic and compassion for others, which I saw everyday growing up in Austin. My Father is the inventor, always pushing the boundaries of the known to find the item that will make life better for everyone in the future. And my mother has an energetic spirit that is contagious. They have always told me “You can do this” even when things seemed impossible or life’s challenges felt overwhelming. They have given me this amazing lesson to pass along to my own children and in use in my career.

I graduated from University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor's in Economics and Finance. It was in college that I discovered my interest in the financial planning industry while interning at Merrill Lynch. At that young age I was very interested in the stock market and thought the business was all about investments. What I did not know is that I would find my true passion was working with clients and enjoying being a part of their lives.

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys Hiking & Running
  • Avid Gardener
  • Married with 2 Sons
  • Enjoys volunteering