Navigating through a divorce can be a difficult and painful experience we understand that and can help make the financial aspect of divorce easier for you.

With proper planning and assistance from professionals, you don’t have to suffer a devastating financial blow during a divorce.  A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™) can help all parties involved reach a financial settlement that addresses long-term needs.

Diane P. Bell is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® with years of experience in the field of divorce financial planning.  She has the tools and knowledge to thoroughly analyze your financial position and help you understand the financial implications of the transition you will face so you feel as informed and prepared as possible.

Some of the financial aspects of your divorce that she can help you address are:

  • Valuating your assets and obligations, both marital and individual
  • Analyzing your current lifestyle and spending
  • Establishing a realistic budget
  • Examining the impact various settlements would have
  • Anticipating  future expenses and obligations
  • Preparing for tax issues
  • Developing cash flow projections
  • Tracking settlement transactions, post-settlement
  • Helping you ensure that your settlement is implemented properly
  • Prioritizing financial goals and establish a post-divorce financial plan
  • Monitoring the implementations and results of your new financial plan