If you would like to schedule a meeting, either call our office at 410-810-0800 or click contact us Please note that there is no charge for your initial consultation.

To help our first meeting move as efficiently as possible, please bring the following:

  1. Copies of your most recent brokerage and/or 401(k) statements
  2. Completed Confidential Data Organizer/Questionnaire (Click here for questionnaire)
  3. Copy of most recent tax returns
  4. Copies of estate planning documents (wills, trusts, etc.)
  5. Copy of stock option grant schedule and restricted stock grants
  6. Copy of Social Security benefits statement
  7. Completed budget worksheet

The purpose of the initial consultation is to determine if there is a fit between client and advisor. You need to make sure that the services we provide fit your objectives, and we need to make sure these same services will benefit you. Not every person is a great fit, since we cannot be all things to all people.

We strive to have a manageable number of clients to whom we can provide superior service. An ideal client for our practice is one whose situation we can address through our expertise and investment tools and who understands an investment advisory relationship. We look forward to meeting with you and appreciate the opportunity to help you reach your financial goals.