Van Pearcy's Wealth Services Team
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It's not about Asset Values –
It's about YOUR Values.
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Most financial planning professionals in the country promise to create a personalized plan to help you achieve your future goals. But what does that mean? Asset allocation? Retirement calculations? If that's all you're looking for, then any firm will do. It's just not what we do. We don't start with asset values or dollar amounts — we start with your values.

Our clients have … So we ...
Strong family ties and are dedicated to hard work. Develop asset preservation/estate plans to help ensure the legacy they've created will span generations.
Decades of corporate
experience and knowledge.
Help the veteran CEO devise a retirement plan based around a healthy, fulfilling transition from the board room to the classroom to mentor future corporate leaders, and/or consult for growing companies.
Personal creativity & desire to improve the community. Use our network of professional partnerships to create specialized plans (retirement, tax-efficient, tax-free, qualified and more) to free up and focus their time and resources on what's really important.
Philanthropic drive to help those in need. Help set up scholarship funds and charitable foundations and trusts to benefit organizations helping those in need.

The professionals at Van Pearcy's Wealth Services Team are here to build relationships that last a lifetime, and to improve that lifetime by analyzing your situation, creating strategies and alternatives to meet your goals, and aligning you with our expert partners to implement your plan. It's your life. We're here to help you live it well and with purpose. We put YOU first.

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