What We Do

Financial planning is a multi-step process that provides the information, guidance and tools to help you reach your goals. Much like the travel agent who gathers information about your desires, time frame and budget and then coordinates a travel package that is right for you, we act in much the same role as your trusted financial advisor.

Depending on your situation, we can develop a plan for one specific area of your financial life or develop a comprehensive plan based on all aspects, including retirement planning, investments, insurance and benefits, estate planning, tax strategies, college funding and more.

Through financial planning we strive to provide the clarity needed to see where you are headed and provide the roadmap to give you the needed direction. Once your journey begins, we will be there along the way with the guidance and expertise to help you navigate the detours of life and reach your destination.


Why Choose Us?

Just as a well-planned itinerary is the basis for a relaxed and enjoyable trip, sound financial advice can bring you confidence for the lifelong financial journey ahead. But before we can make recommendations that make sense for you, we believe it's important to find out just who you are. What are your goals and expectations? Your fears and concerns? What makes you unique, and how might it affect your financial situation?

It's only by learning what's important to you that we can develop the strategies and techniques to guide you toward your goals. At Vision Financial Group, we believe this is the foundation for truly effective financial planning and investment management services.

You're busy. That's a given. We understand what it takes to balance career, family, and community obligations along with the many other activities and responsibilities of today's hectic lifestyles. Many of our clients come to us because, while they have the knowledge and the desire, they simply do not have the time to handle their own financial planning or manage their portfolio. Our advisory services are designed to put a sound, personalized plan into place for you efficiently and effectively...so you can get on with enjoying your life.

Our financial plans offer a high-degree of personalization that matches your investments to your goals and ability to take on risk.