Like all service professionals, I maintain a set of values and opinions which influences my work with clients and colleagues. These values and opinions have been developed over the course of my professional career and are the result of my observations and experience working with clients. I invite you to review my philosophy and compare it to your own.

Client Relationships – I view each client relationship from a long-term perspective. The initial interview and portfolio design, while important, are a small part of a much bigger picture. The real value I bring to clients is the constant monitoring of accounts and the ability to offer insight and advice regarding all aspects of their financial affairs through the various stages of their lives.

Portfolio Management – I expect clients to take an active interest in their portfolios. In return, I am willing to invest as much time as necessary to educate you so that you will understand all aspects of your portfolios and the long-term implications of each investment decision. The management of your portfolio is a collaborative effort with each of us taking responsibility for its success.

Risk – I am not comfortable recommending high-risk investments for clients because I do not believe speculative securities withstand the test of time. Individuals seeking short term profits should consult a broker specializing in the speculative end of the investment spectrum. My investment style is better suited to the individual who wants to earn a reasonable rate of return slowly over time.

Capital Preservation – For most of my clients, capital preservation is a primary investment objective. I employ a conservative approach to portfolio management in the belief that it is far easier to keep what you have then to make up for what you have lost.

Interest Rates – When designing fixed-income portfolios, I do not try to forecast interest rates. Instead, I recommend portfolios with a variety of bonds having maturities staggered over a period of years as the least risky way to cope with an uncertain interest rate environment.

Stocks – Stocks have out-performed bonds and Treasury Bills over every 10-year period since the 1920’s, including those periods in which the Great Depression and the crash of 1987 occurred. For the patient investor, stocks are an excellent vehicle for accumulating wealth over time. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of the stock market because of previous negative experiences caused by one or more common errors. My job is to educate clients on how to invest more knowledgeably in the stock market and to help them avoid the common errors of investing.

*Investing involves risk. Investments mentioned may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

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