Steamboat by David Pettit

Less is the New More

We believe the true secrets to financial success are time, patience, discipline, a sound plan and common sense. In a world where we are deluged daily with overloads of information, advice and calls to action keeping our eyes on the big picture matters more and more. If we control what we can – our emotions and behavior around money – and follow a plan that allows us to let go of the rest, we are more likely to stay on course. Which is everything.

In our view slow and steady still works, less is often more, simpler can be better and financial wellness just doesn't have to be that complicated.


The Voyager short list of recommended reading:

Life and Money – if you like the big picture


Investing – if you seek the nitty gritty

I have known many worries in my life, most of which never happened.

– Mark Twain

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