Remembering Kathryn by David Pettit

Above all, a meaningful life

Our clients are generous, smart, funny and kind. They come from all walks of life and enjoy a diverse, tolerant world view. They measure success in moments versus money and understand that while wealth matters, a good life matters more. As they pursue their life aspirations, our clients require a high level of professionalism, fee transparency, technical rigor and proactive, consistent communication. We are proud to support them with the financial service and guidance they need and deserve.

Our clients savor each day for the gift it truly is:

  • Annie – going strong at 74 years young.

  • David & Louise – kayaking the Amazon.

  • Ed – day tripping through Zion Park.

  • RJ Colleague Jack – on top of Half Dome (she said yes).

  • Janey – just retired on a Grand Canyon epic.

  • Jens – above it all in Peru.

  • Joan – hanging with the locals, Galapagos Islands.

  • Joanie & Ralph – wandering through Wisconsin.

  • Marji – whooping it up in Tahiti.

  • Stephanie & Kjeld – private picnic in Africa.

To know when you have enough is to be rich beyond all measure.

– Lao Tzu