Rick’s 10 Core Beliefs

  1. Real wealth comes from three basic things: personal initiative, hard work, and savings.

  2. You shouldn’t live life to make money. You should make money to live life.

  3. Yes, investment cost efficiency is important. The 4 key criteria for evaluating an investment choice are risk, return, taxes, and cost. Typically, the most successful portfolios balance all four.

  4. Trust is earned, one little piece at a time, by being honest at all times. That means doing what is right is the only choice.

  5. A simple, written, evolving Financial Plan is essential for those serious about their money.

  6. Consider yourself the equal of everyone. No one should look down or up to you.

  7. If you rush into retirement without first seriously considering how much withdrawal pressure you can put on your money before it breaks, you will set yourself up for Financial Destruction on the Installment Plan.

  8. I believe that following the trend through Relative Strength, coupled with simple fundamental analysis, is the most powerful process for choosing investments to include in a portfolio. It is even more powerful for choosing which investments to exclude.

  9. Aging, without seriously trying to protect your wealth through Estate Planning, is a mean and selfish thing to do to the people you love.

  10. Every year, many investors build portfolios that are risk, return, tax, and cost efficient. Then the markets cycle up and down. And lots of those investors either get greedy during an up cycle and buy "what’s hot", or get fearful in a down cycle and sell low in a panic. Investor behavior (good or bad) always trumps investment selection.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.
Helen Keller